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Robbery is broadly defined by the Criminal Code and involves stealing something and the use of some violence or threat of violence to person or property. As such, robbery charges can encompass situations as wide ranging as an armed bank robbery to a misunderstanding over ownership of some valueless item. To successfully defend robbery cases an in depth knowledge of the legal principles regarding the frailties of eyewitness identification is essential. There is an ever-present danger of wrongful conviction in robbery cases as they often hinge on eyewitness identification. Mistakes can occur even where two or more witnesses have made positive identifications. "The spectre of erroneous convictions based on honest and convincing, but mistaken eyewitness identification haunts the criminal law.”*

Karen Molle’s academic approach to the analysis of a criminal case ensures that legal issues of this nature are identified and pursued in the course of your crafting your defence. Karen Molle offers a free initial consultation and will accept Legal Aid cases.

*R. v. Quercia (1990), 60 C.C.C. (3d) 380 (Ont. C.A.)



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