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Murder - Manslaughter

Online article – “Stabber says roommate's death was self-defence”

Online article – “Six years for luring dealer to his death”

A homicide charge is amongst the most challenging criminal case to defend. The stakes are high and the pressure immense for both the accused person and their lawyer. The key to any case, and particularly a homicide case, is thorough preparation and planning. The disclosure will be voluminous and the Crown may be relying on wiretap evidence or evidence from an undercover police officer. The Crown may also lead expert evidence, i.e. fingerprint expert, DNA expert, a medical expert, or a firearms expert. Your defence may depend upon your lawyer successfully challenging the opinion of the Crown expert or it may be necessary to retain your own expert to defend your case. Your defence may involve challenging the admissibility of evidence gathered in an unconstitutional manner.

Your lawyer must have the ability to meticulously analyze the Crown’s evidence and determine the most strategic way to defend your particular case. A “shotgun approach” will not succeed. Your trial strategy must be planned months prior to your trial.

Karen Molle is well regarded for her in depth legal knowledge; exhaustive preparation and her ability effectively litigate complex cases. Karen Molle offers a free initial consultation and will accept Legal Aid cases.



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