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Bail Hearings

Newspaper article – “Pair Charged with Calgarian’s Abduction”

Persons charged with a criminal offence have a constitutional right to bail unless there is a compelling reason to deny it. Section 11 (e) of the Charter guarantees any person charged with an offence the right not to be denied reasonable bail without just cause.

It is important that your lawyer understand that bail cannot be denied to those who may pose a “risk” of committing an offence. Bail is only denied for those who pose a “substantial likelihood” of committing an offence or interfering with the administration of justice. Detention is only justified when it is “necessary” for public safety. It is not justified where detention would merely be convenient.

Prior to applying for bail, ensure that you have discussed with your lawyer your plan for release. You will also want to ensure that your lawyer is knowledgeable in the philosophical and constitutional underpinnings of your right to reasonable bail.

Getting pre- trial release is one of the most important issues facing an accused person. Consult with Karen Molle regarding your case prior to applying for bail. Skilful representation is provided from the earliest stages of the criminal process through to trial, with an emphasis on professionalism, strategy and zealous advocacy.



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